The blog that started out with no name

Imagine that? Imagine starting out life with no name?

You have no identity to speak of as you’re given your first opportunity to shine in this crazy world of ours. Or maybe you’re one of the many young guys out there who have started life at the bottom of the barrel. Those that don’t like the idea of you hanging about might label you an accident. After all, isn’t that how your mother and father, dead or alive, sired you? To them, you weren’t even a thought; you were certainly not even planned for. And then one night, you just happened.

I had to dig long and hard trying to figure out what to write about in this spanking new blog of mine. I’m one of those guys who are usually bursting with ideas. But sometimes it’s really a good idea to wait on others to help you plant the seeds. Most of the topics and issues I’ve covered for readers in the past has had to do with motivating them, whether it’s to do with starting up their own business, getting their first job, or trying to embark on a bodybuilding cutting diet as part of an effective way towards keeping healthy, strong and fit.

I wrote to one of my pals about a week ago (at the time of putting together draft notes for this new blog of mine) and asked him what was cooking on his side of the world. You see, I regard him as one of my gardeners. Sometimes when I’m still racking my brain, trying to figure out what to write about, out of the blue he springs with a few neat ideas that might just work. On a good day, his ideas seem to gel really well with mine. But then there are other times when he’ll challenge me with something so strange that I’d have to dig long and hard in the internet archives to find out more on what he has proposed I talk about.

Such has been the case today, and I’m pretty thrilled about it. It’s not a mixed bag and everything seems to tie up quite nicely together. The surreal aspect of this blog is getting me of all people to talk to you guys about one guy that goes by the name of Tupac Shakur. Boy, what a nerve shaker that guy was during his time on earth. Me responding to the suggestion to talk to readers about great men of the world, past and present that have inspired me is not quite as easy on a normal day. Generally, I’m brimming with ideas and inspirational thoughts.

But making up my mind on whom or what to write about has sometimes been the bane of my work. And then again, at other times, not. Right from the moment my pal pulled 2Pac out of his bag of tricks, I immediately countered. We were going to be talking about men, because the idea that was germinated was a few short stories on how troubled men or those struggling to make inroads in their lives could go forward. Talking about other great men who have been there and done that, and needless to say, have gone on to achieve a great deal more than us mere mortal souls could ever imagine achieving in our short lives, seemed a useful place to start.

And out of my hat sprang two men, since deceased and one really cool guy, just recently out of a great job. I had been doing a bundle of reading on Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama in any case, so I thought; why not carry on germinating my own thoughts on why I admire these two great men. While I was still studying for my degree, I also produced a paper which had Great Britain’s great war prime minister as one of its subjects. Those of you who are inherently anti-colonial, and I take my hat off to for that, might be wondering why on earth I would want to include Winston Churchill as one of my great men of our times.

I’ve asked myself that question quite a few times already. And so, fascinated, I press on with my reading. And each time I turn a new page, I learn something fresh about this controversial leader. One thing is for certain, Churchill was your quintessential alpha male. Even Nelson Mandela, and certainly Obama too, was a great admirer. So, later on, I’ll be sharing with you some thoughts on Winston Churchill, one of the twentieth century’s foremost alpha males. Churchill musing will be shared alongside those on Obama, Mandela and, of course 2Pac Shakur.

What an eclectic mix indeed. I have two other themes in mind as I close this introductory page. It’s to do with the gym life and how to become a good alpha male in this day and age. I’ve also decided on a name for this blog, well, for the time being anyway. Let’s call this blog then; the blog of inspiration for men that still matter. It’s long, I know, but you can give your own name if you want. However way it seems to help you. And I certainly hope what we share with you from now on helps spur you on to become a better man.

My thoughts on the gym life are zoning straight into the recommended eating habits of physically active men. I’ll be talking a bit about a concept called the bodybuilding cutting diet. After discussing mealtimes around our weekly workouts, we’ll be taking a short inspirational break talking about four influential men who helped to shape how other men choose to live their lives. And from there, we’ll go straight on to discussing how we can become the role models to others which I’m pretty sure we all have it in us to do.

I have some more thoughts. I’ll share that with you in my next post.