Let me get straight to the point.

I’ve been following US elections for a while now. Inasmuch as I’ve always traditionally sided with the Democrats, I was not entirely sold on Barack Hussein Obama when I first heard that he was on the campaign trail. I’m no political guru either but I did fancy his chances because back then he was something of a comeback kid. I saw a similar trend developing as was the case with the previous Democrat president Bill Clinton. Only this guy’s words were not minced nor were they spoken with a forked tongue.

The thing is this; Barack Obama, as you should know by now, is a really swell guy. I mean, what president would roll up his own shirtsleeves and trundle off downtown to fetch takeout orders for his office staff. Like Mandela was in his life, Obama’s a healthy guy, so perhaps the burger and fries was his indulgence for the week. This is a guy who enjoyed shooting hoops on the White House lawn to let off steam. Most of the time, Michelle Obama would have been watching what the president was eating anyway, because get this; the Obamas had an organic vegetable garden going somewhere on the White House grounds.

Now that they’ve left the building, I have to wonder if that garden is still standing there. And Mr. Obama is a man who has no skeletons in the closet. One has to wonder whether this great man has a secret life that we don’t know about, but I am pretty sure that he’ll be the first to acknowledge that he’s not perfect either. One thing we do know for certain is that Barack Obama is a family man through and through. I believe he is a great role model for all struggling young fathers out there. And what is that old fashioned saying?

Behind every successful man stands a great woman; words to that effect.

I was not a fan in the beginning

Like 2pac, like Mandela, like Obama, unlike nameless others, I’ve never been a fan of racism. So, I was not about to cheerlead this gentleman so that he could be the first black man in the White House. In fact, Obama didn’t appreciate the sentiment expressed either. I did become a fan eventually because not even a year into his first term as president, this man was bringing the White House roof down. He was getting jobs done quicker than you could flick your fingers and whistle a command. One of the world’s lowest unemployment rates is all thanks to this man’s radical economic policies.

It still has its challenges; ever since the 2008 financial crisis, but Obama’s policies have seen to it that the American economy remains as vibrant as ever. Also, he struck a great deal on responding positively and proactively to global warming and climate change. This is a man who spent his eight years in the White House trying to break down walls instead of building them. He was trying to build bridges. This is no easy task if you happen to be commander in chief of the world’s strongest military force. Speaking of which, I will always remember Obama as the man who got Osama.

Enough said however way you choose to look at it. Now we all know who and what really brought those twin towers down, but that’s beside the point. It took the pithy George W Bush all of his years in the White House to not catch Osama bin Laden. Obama finished the job in a matter of months.

How feeding your curiosity really helps

I became really curious as to why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. So I had to dig in and do some reading. I soon learnt that Obama put forward a plan to rid the world of all its nuclear arms and thus contribute towards making it a safer place for our future generations to live in. Now, it’s sad to see that that plan has misfired.

Actions speak louder than words

One of Obama’s great attributes is that no matter how great a speechmaker he was – Churchill was like that too, he was always a man of action. And did he not live up to his campaign promises? I challenge any of you to tell me otherwise. Where things didn’t always go to plan, it wasn’t his doing and he never gave up trying.

He still makes me want to be a better man

In his time, Churchill was one of the great orators. He could rally millions to stand up to evil. But in recent years, Barack Obama gave one of the most moving and inspirational speeches I have ever had the privilege to listen to live. It was during the sad passing of Nelson Mandela. Prior to giving his eulogy, Obama strode over to Raul Castro, president of Cuba, and proposed to him; let’s shake on it. And as he ended his tribute to the great man, Obama simply remarked that –

He makes me wanna be a better man.

Moments later, the youth in the stadium booed South African President, Jacob Zuma right off of the stage. Shows you what they’re thinking about the essence of being an alpha male.

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