From now on it’s all guts and its all glory. I’m going to take just one leaf out of thousands that the great Winston Churchill penned during his long life and attempt to push you to the limit. Again, I might just add that this task of motivating other guys to stand up on their own two feet and challenge the world they’re in is made easier for me by mentioning inspirational examples from modern history, as and when it seems necessary to. I’m not being bashful, but I can say, and it’s pleasing to notice this, I personally have what it takes to become an alpha male.

Okay, let me rephrase that. I AM an alpha male. Go ahead; you try it too. Shout it loud, but not too loudly, no need for the neighbors to hear. Not belittling myself, only speaking modestly, I’m nowhere close to the world’s greats. But it’s been a start, and if you’re one of those guys out there struggling to be a good man in this day and age, then know this about yourself, you do have what it takes. In fact, why don’t I just go and say it. I’m sure Barack Obama won’t mind me borrowing from one of his great campaign mantras of the past. Come on guys, let’s just all get on our feet, raise our muscular arms and go on and just say it.

Yes! We can!

Yes! We can do anything that we set our minds, goals and dreams to. Another famous Obama mantra was –

Change we can believe in.

There’s no other way to put it. Change has always frightened many people. But set your hearts and minds right and believe that you can change, or adapt to change and the job is just about done. Not just done, but done well.

Chin up, shoulders straight

Sometimes it’s also necessary to put shoulder to the wheel. Because it’s hard work being an alpha male sometimes. But this is why it’s necessary to take care of your body too. Exercise regularly and you also look after your posture. An unfit guy tends to slouch his shoulders and the next man he’s dealing with senses straight away that he’s lacking in confidence and gains the upper hand. It’s like the faithful but not always brave dog. He only reacts aggressively when he senses fear.

The confidence trickster

Obama was confident that he could win the hearts and minds of the people who got him elected. Churchill believed that the war was necessary and could be won. Mandela believed men could learn to love and respect each other. They exhumed confidence. So much so that men and women believed this young, brash Senator could make a difference to their lives. The men believed that they were brave enough to sacrifice their lives on behalf of others to rid the world of tyranny and evil. Good men still believe that love conquers all.

The power of positive thinking

And positive things happen to positive people. It may seem surreal but it’s actually true. And if you’re a religious guy, always have complete and utter faith in your abilities and whatever worldly challenges you are faced with.

Leading by example

One of the most challenging aspects, and yet, finest qualities of being a great leader is to always lead by example. A huge responsibility always rests on your shoulders, but it’s never impossible. Human nature is peculiar that way. The world’s most charismatic leaders, intentionally or not, were always able to get the crowds to replicate their example. Of course, the power to lead others does have its consequences. It takes just one evil man to get hundreds of others to commit unspeakable atrocities.

Always admit when you’re wrong

Part of being a strong and exemplary leader means always being willing to admit when you’ve been wrong at times. I challenged my father with this once. I always believed that a strong leader had to show others that he was not weak. Whatever faults he had, he had to keep these hidden. But no, my father once said. Today, I believe this. You are a much stronger man when you’re able to admit to others when you’ve been wrong. If you’re in a position of responsibility or authority, you are strong enough to take the blows on behalf of others.

Men notice such things. And you had better believe it. They may not make their feelings known, but they respect you.

Never give up

I’m not going to repeat the old man’s words again, but it is true. He also said; all is not lost. All is well. No matter how hard life may seem to be, it’s never as bad as it seems. When you stride forward confidently, getting to the root of the matter until you confront the issues you are faced with, amicably and without force, you end up laughing to yourself. You say to yourself; is that it. Yes, you have to be brave. You can get to that point in your life by physically and emotionally building up those confidence levels.

Look after your body by exercising regularly. Eat well. Be well. Listen to yourself sometimes too and look after your soul. Put your sword or battle axe away. You don’t need that.

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