Straight to the heart of the matter then.

True to form, I never let go of what I was hoping to put out there. In my previous post, I got ahead of myself in motivating readers on searching for the essential ingredients that contribute towards an effective bodybuilding cutting diet. Towards the end of that post, I was hoping to give you my impressions on fat content in meals. And then around that time, my stomach started to grumble. So it got me thinking what I was going to have for supper that night. But now it’s a brand new day. Today, I’m also going to be sharing with you my thoughts on bodybuilding cutting diet mealtimes.

You are never entirely fat free

It is a fallacy to believe that your body can be entirely fat free. I know it’s a problem for the heavy guys right now, but just bear this in mind. Particularly if you are going to be exercising on a regular basis, just note that your body still needs a certain amount of fat. Your increased muscle mass built up from regular strength exercises will make up for this. But the fat content that you’ll be storing will be mostly healthy fat. All excess unhealthy fat can be eliminated in a heartbeat by simply ditching all processed foodstuffs which deceptively hold large quantities of white sugar.

What I’d like to eat tonight

At the time of writing this post, I am quite hungry.

Let me now rephrase that statement. I wrote that sentence sometime during the time of publishing my last post to you. At that stage it was getting on in the evening and I had not yet prepared my evening meal. But, as I was saying earlier, today is a brand new day. The adrenaline flowing through my veins has left me feeling quite positive since my morning workout in the gym. I generally prefer to go as early as possible so that I can avoid the peak hour traffic. It was a short forty minute to one hour session of circuit weights.

Done and dusted as I took a light jog home, not more than twenty minute’s trot. Then I settled into my breakfast of raw oats, sprinkled with crushed raw cashews, strawberries and bananas. No sweeteners this time around as I had already had my so-called sugar rush with a healthy fruit cocktail medley. I prepared this concoction of natural sugars straight from my little old juicer in my little old kitchen. A fresh cup of black red bush tea, if you can call it that, and I was ready and raring to go for work. And so here we are.

Working nicely but not too hard and fast. It’s not necessary. Everything has been going according to schedule. It’s a case of working smartly and no burn-outs later.

The problem of timing

It’s not a clichéd statement in my view, but timing really is everything. In my personal case, it also helps to clarify why I’m not yet as famished as I should be for my lunch time mini-meal of fresh tuna, peppery lettuce leaves, slices of cucumber and a helping of cottage cheese. Which reminds me; I dashed my oats with almond milk this morning. I’m no vegan; it’s just that I’ve got hooked to that nutty taste. My perfect timing saw to it that I was able to work two solid hours before stopping for my mid-morning break. Another healthy addiction of mine is my fondness for bananas.

So, I helped myself to another banana – it’s rich in iron and mineral content – while I helped myself to a fistful of dried fruit – peaches, pears and raisins mainly. But I’ve given this portion of my post a negative heading. I mentioned that timing is somewhat of a problem. Well, it seems to be the case for a great deal of men these days. I speak from personal experience. There is a fear that if you don’t let up until all your work is completely finished, you’ll lack the discipline to pick up where you left off after your short fifteen to twenty minute break. But let me just tell you that if you treat that break as healthily as possible, you’ll have enough strength to push on into the next shift.

Just follow my example as I narrated to you earlier and you’ll be delivering more quality work instead of letting yourself down. You’ll be doing your body and mind a huge favor. You’ll be doing your boss a good turn. Promotions anyone? Power up on your mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks and you’ll have more energy for the full quota of work that you need to turn in. You’ll also have more energy to spare for your evening workout. Just remember to balance your meal quotas evenly. That is to say; watch your protein and carbohydrate intake.

Measure these in accordance with the intensity of your workouts.

The number of meals you should be eating everyday

This will surprise many of you perhaps. Prepare yourself for up to seven ‘meals’ a day. You might be thinking that this is overdoing it. It’s not. Most guys prepare themselves mentally for a gastronomic feast in the evening. If you’re going to stay healthy and strong for the rest of your life, prepare your body and mind to start cutting back. Main meal portions are going to be a lot smaller than what you have been accustomed to up to now. And you’ll be making up for those cut-backs anyway with all those other meal snacks throughout the day.

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