Hmm, what to eat tonight.

That’s a question that is on most guys’ minds for most of the latter half of their day. It’s been on man’s mind since time immemorial, since the days when our ancestors were your classic hunter gatherers. Dare I say, with all the dangers they faced out in the wild, they would have to be formidably strong as your archetypal alpha male. And of course, they’d be pretty hungry, ravenously so. They’d been out on their feet all day, hunting down the prey they and their families would feast on later in the night. But it wasn’t always the case.

We’ll never really appreciate it, but it was a hard life, I tell you. There would be many moons before our forefathers would actually find tasty herds they could larder at their camps. They’d have to go on long hunting trips for many weeks. And in the process, they’d be sparse in their food resources. No meat for a while perhaps, only shoots and whatever succulent was burrowed under the ground. Could we be seeing early clues as to how man was able to balance his necessary protein and carbohydrate intake?

Today, what are we faced with? Traffic jams and backlogs at work? We tend to see this as the pressures of our busy lives, not forgetting the universal preoccupation to make as much money as possible. And money, of course, is necessary. Otherwise how are we going to afford the food that’s stocked on our supermarket shelves? Those men with healthy lifestyle outcomes in mind are also finding it quite irritating in the sense that in spite of low inflation, healthy organic food choices remain a lot more costly than mass market produced processed foods.

But what purposes do you have in mind

I did not quite address the matter in my last post, so let me continue with this here. No man can be the same. The bodybuilding cutting diet is, thankfully, not a one size fits all tool. It is most certainly also a case of continuously reinventing the wheel. What did not work for you last month, well, you can go right ahead and change your meal plan and try something new. I think that’s quite exciting. The old saying that familiarity breeds contempt does not quite apply to the food we eat, but it can come close. There are those of you who are so set in your ways.

But what if your favorite foodstuffs were in short supply. Healthy or not, how are you going to cope. You can. All you need to do is spend some more time researching the alternatives. Protein and carbohydrate food sources are still quite abundant out where you are I’m pretty certain of that. Unless you are out in the middle of nowhere having to fend for yourself just like the hunter gatherers of old. As to your purposes, stay focused on that. What are your intentions here? Are you needing to target areas of your body for extreme weight loss?

Or are you now focused on building up muscle mass and strength? You take your pick. The next segment of this post should provide you with a handy clue on how you can zone straight into your sole purpose.

Going to the heart of the matter

So, if you want to skip the narratives altogether, by all means, you are more than welcome to do so. You save yourself a great deal of time by simply keying in the question what is a bodybuilding cutting diet. But be warned. You are still not going to get a conclusive answer. Do be prepared to feed yourself with a variety of opinions. And even on those rare occasions that your search engine spews out a full summary at the top of your screen, don’t be satisfied with that. Like visiting the good doctor, always be prepared to seek a second opinion, especially if your needs are extreme at this time.

It’s not so cut and dried when you’re in the market for suitable ingredients that complement your targeted meal plans. I believe that you should nevertheless immerse yourself in more reading and research. Learn how each ingredient’s natural contents aid your body. For instance, if like me, you are pretty concerned about the potential to contract any form of cancer later on in your life, you can do a keyword search that results in a list of food groups, mostly vegetables that explain how they may reverse (potential) cancer growth.

Let the ingredients address your purposes

The beauty of being able to make healthy choices today is that you are truly spoilt for choice. In the context of bodybuilding, you are still going to need to create two lists, one for proteins and one for carbohydrates. The lists of food choices that are presented to you don’t only address what you’re going to be eating for dinner tonight but also present you with suitable choices for those lighter meals that are recommended for consumption around your main meal sittings.

I had something more to add in regard to fat free diets, but time and space prevented this. So, I’ll be looking at that aspect of bodybuilding cutting in my next post. Oh, and what to eat tomorrow night perhaps.

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