I am going to try as far as possible to make the following lines as light as possible. I know full well just how difficult online reading can be at times. I’m going to try and make my hints and tips on becoming an alpha man as easy on the eye as possible. I will not be referring to the likes of Freud and Jung. It’s much easier to call up some of the most inspirational men that ever lived, some who are still alive and kicking, for clear cut examples to show you what it could take to be the consummate alpha male. Perhaps it may be that I don’t refer to such men at all.

That’s the nature of my writing, particularly when I am self-inspired. I write of my own accord. There may be inspirational men out there in my subconscious and the flow of my words unintentionally makes no mention of them. But let’s be fair to some of these great men and mention once more those I have been reading and writing about lately. To my mind, Winston Churchill was the greatest warlord of modern times. His physical battles and his way with words were for a just cause. And another warlord worth mentioning is former US President Barack Obama.

You can believe this or not, but I believe he ultimately wanted peace and prosperity for all men. So too, one of the greatest rappers of all time, Tupac Shakur. But blessed be the peacemakers as they say, because Nelson Mandela sought peace, prosperity and justice for all men without the use of guns and violence. In fact, during a particularly violent time in South Africa’s history, just at the dawn of democracy in that country, he commanded his people to –

Throw your weapons into the sea.

That’s my alpha man, I tell you. Does it matter whether or not he was inspired by others such as the great Mahatma and Dr Martin Luther King? Mandela was uniquely great. I could also just mention a contradiction. Hope you don’t mind. Malcolm X, however, suggested to his followers –

By any means necessary.

And he wanted complete separation from the white man. Is that cool? You decide for yourself. A new book on my table is the autobiography of Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Inc and arguably one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our modern times. Having died of cancer a couple of years ago, Jobs has left a legacy alright. Apart from realizing good returns on investments to see his beloved Apple become the world’s most valuable company, he really has changed lives, hasn’t he? And what was the famous saying he left us?

Let’s make things simple.

How’s that working for you these days?

What a turn this post has taken then. Let’s start finishing off then; short and sweet, stating it as simply as possible and in layman’s terms. Quick tips on becoming a modern alpha man.

Chivalry’s cool

It’s sad to see it when it happens. It’s sad to see some women look at you askew, thinking that you might have ulterior motives when you open the door for them or politely insist; after you, ma’am. And to be quite honest with you, who can blame them. Because have you seen how we’ve been behaving lately. And if you look at yourself long and hard, and honestly, in the mirror, you’ll acknowledge this. I’ve done it. I’m guilty as charged. So, whatever you do for a woman and say to her, only have true love in your hearts.

Being mommy’s boy is cool too

Remember, she could be the mother of your first child. Now, I’m not in the least embarrassed to admit it. There’s no admission of guilt here at all, but I am a mommy’s boy. Let me say it again. I’m proud to be a mommy’s boy. Whatever other guys may think of how much you adore and respect your mother, just remember always that she’s the one who brought you into this world.

Respect yourself

Once I started to do this late in my life, I could see the value in this important and essential value. Once you start respecting yourself, you end up with more confidence and doing great things for yourself. Not only that, you respect and understand your fellow man much more, particularly if he’s a whole lot different from you. And, while you do great things for yourself, you end up helping others too.

A healthy mind likes a healthy body

It had to come up eventually. Regular exercise and healthy eating. It’s the most practical and yet, effective way to become an alpha male. You need to be fit and healthy to do the great things you have in mind to do.

You are already a leader, you just didn’t know it

The more confident you become, and the less self-centered you are as a result, the more you come to graciously appreciate that you are, indeed, a leader. You are unique. Your uniqueness adds value to your world. Your contributions to your fellow men are always worthy. And about the best way to be a true leader is to lead by example. By doing that you also stay true to yourself. And like Spike Lee once said, just do the right thing.

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