The men I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, young and old are part of our social history now. I’m inviting you to challenge yourself at this time while I challenge myself to dig up some inspirational clues to becoming an alpha male in modern times. It can be difficult because in these troubling times it can seem quite difficult to find a few good men out there. I’ve borrowed another phrase. This comes from the movie of the same name. ‘A Few Good Men’. It’s a movie which stars Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. It plays out as a courtroom drama.

But it’s more than that. Do read on.

A Few Good Men

I can’t remember the just causes, but the movie was something of a battle of strong-willed wits. It was a classic encounter where men with opposing views on life and how to run their respective battleships, stubbornly stood their ground. Inevitably, as all great movies pan out, there was a silver lining. No matter what the outcome, and if the few good men cared to disagree, there was mutual respect all around. Men often respect those who remain steadfast in their beliefs, whether they be right or wrong no matter what the setting, the time and place, and even the era.

Honor among thieves

Sadly, the world is full of thieves. I’m not even referring to those who do the physical stealing. I’m referring to the crass dishonesty among so many idle men who seem to find their way towards always cutting their corners through life, particularly in the work place. All I can say at this point in time and the great Winston Churchill would have told you this much, is to soldier on. That is to say that you are one of those decent men who believe in doing the right thing. It’s always tough being honorable amongst all the thieves.

Honesty is the best policy

Stand your ground and stay true to what you believe. And do try your best to be as honest as possible in your dealings with your colleagues or associates. Do not be afraid to acknowledge failings when they occur. Do not attempt to hide your shame or your misdeeds – you are, after all, still human – rather be a man and acknowledge when and how you slipped up. Because the longer you keep it to yourself, the stronger those pangs of guilt will become. You do not want endless sleepless nights. Unless, of course, you happen to be truly in love.

The truth will set you free

And when that happens, groom yourself nicely and buy her a bunch of flowers. It’s a nice ice breaker if you find yourself short of words and short of breath too. What more can I say about this. Every woman loves her flowers. And so should you. Plant your own garden, figuratively and literally, and you’ll be showing her what a real man you are. Never lie to the old girl because hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. And when you confess to her, if it breaks your heart, it’s okay to shed a tear or two because let me tell you one thing, it take a real man to cry.

Work bravely too

The twenty-first century sound byte is to work smartly. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I encourage you to do that right now. You’ll never be a lazy guy if you somehow manage to cut the number of hours you manage to spend working in the day. In fact, now that I think about it, this is tantamount to working bravely too. The boss who has no clue how to make the most of productivity from a leadership point of view is never going to get the best results out of his workers. If he’s one of those who like to crack the whip instead of motivating his staff, he’s going to see what it’s like trying to steer a stubborn mule.

By working smartly you’ll ultimately be able to cut the number of hours you spend working every day. No, that does not make you a lazy man. Credos to you if you can finish your job well before the time, streamlining all urgent tasks, project managing well and not forgetting to take those necessary breaks in-between. The bravery I’m thinking of here is to be able to walk out that office door with your conscience as clean as a whistle saying; cheerio, guys, I’ll be seeing you in the morning. And more than likely, you will be fresh as a daisy, raring to go.

This is particularly rewarding for you if you happen to be a family man. Because by shortening your work hours, you can now be the father to your children by spending more quality time with your friends. And your wife will love you for it as well. And then there’s much, much more rewards to look forward to later on, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Come on guys, no need to go all hot under the collar. It’s your time to show the girl what it takes to be a man. But do be gentle while you go about the business and do consider her needs as well.

She’s the mother of your children, after all.

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