“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

No, Nelson Mandela did not utter that famous quote. But among the many inspirational quotes he has uttered throughout his long and historic life, he may as well have. The famous quote uttered by the slain US President, John F Kennedy, is something Mandela took to heart. In today’s era of tweets and social media storms in which so many guys are so fond of telling others what to do and what they think of what we’re doing, I thought now would be a great time to step in and invite you to be a great man as well. As they say, actions speak louder than words.

While the last bout of race riots in the Mid-west fade among the short-witted and short in memory twitterati, now is still a good time make mention of one great man’s tribute to the other. Unlike a certain nameless president, former US President, Barack Obama, is not one of those who has got time to spend fubbing his way through social media networks. He does, however, have an account and I’m an official follower. And when he’s got something important to say during a critical time in our world’s history, he’s going to let you have it.

During yet another round of race riots in the states, Barack Obama did not mince his words. In fact, the words he tweeted were not even his own. All he did was simply repeat what the great man once said, and I quote it here verbatim.

No child is born hating another. But when he does grow up in life learning to hate another, sure as anything, he can learn to love the other as well.

It’s important to treat yourself, but how

You can say the same for yourself. One of my favorite jazz crooners, George Benson, mentioned it in one of his great songs as well. He said that – learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. And if you can truly love yourself the way you should, you can love any man, including the president who loves to gorge on fried chicken on his private jet plane while tweeting – or should that be, berating – his favorite rocket man.

But before I get ahead of myself again, let me just pick off from my last post where I was feeding you with motivation in regard to being successful with a bodybuilding cutting diet. It’s part of the positive spectacle of loving yourself. It’s great to be exercising vigorously everyday of the week. Long weekend runs are good too. And it’s commendable that you’re watching what you eat these days. But part of the cutting diet’s success is that you are allowed to treat yourself every once in a while.

You can treat yourself to a favorite meal every other week but you’re still going to need to watch those calories.

That was putting it politely

I’ll call her a cow for now but years ago, the great British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher labeled Mr. Mandela a terrorist. Tragically, in all his great wisdom, Winston Churchill may have had a go at Mandela as well. Because if he could remark upon the great Mahatma irrationally, he would never have stopped doing the same against Mandela. But in all fairness to the great man, Umkonto we Sizwe’s first commander in chief engaged in the armed struggle quite reluctantly. Personally, he would have taken a similar line to Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, but he was a democrat and followed what his party’s majority wished for.

Its tricky being a democrat, but it’s righteous.

A father’s gift to his son

‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is one of the greatest gifts any kindhearted and loving alpha male could have ever given a man like me. That was my father’s birthday gift to me. That’s Mandela’s official autobiography. If you can’t get your hands on the tome, you can download it on the internet. This is about one of the best ways to get to know this truly remarkable man.

I was sold on Mandela, but would I vote for him

In fact, the great Madiba once said that if you thought he wasn’t up to the job, you should by your democratic right, ditch him at the polls. He wasn’t talking about himself, of course. He was talking about the political party he was chosen to lead. Seems as though things continue to go from bad to worse for South Africa’s ruling party over there, and let it be known that registered voters are slowly but surely making it known that a regime change is not far off.

The greatest tribute to one of the greatest men

In previous years, I honestly never foresaw me becoming a fan of this great man. Prematurely, I believed that the majority of admirers were in adoration of Barack Obama because he was about to make history as the first black president of the United States. But as you all know by now, the people made the right choice at the end of it all. I’ll mention Mr. Obama’s remarkable tribute to Nelson Mandela in my next post, because as you can tell, I’ve been watching the clock.

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