It’s not cast in stone.

However successful I have been in carving out a good cutting diet for myself, it is still subject to change as my body changes. It also has to change in accordance with what exercise or training regime I’ve placed my body on. It’s time to get that old scale out again. No, this time I’m not worried about putting on weight again, I’ve addressed that much in my life. No, I’m talking about my preoccupation with creating the right balance of carbohydrates and protein in my weekly meal plan. But lucky for me, I’ve always got place for some dessert.

Listening to your body clock

And did I hint at this in my last post? It’s all about good timing, I guess. This sub-heading was originally reserved for the previous post but now I believe it’s more appropriate here. I don’t mind telling you that I’m getting on in years. No, I’m not giving my age away, but if I can be a fan of Tupac Shakur these days then you might be able to figure out that I’m no old man. Or at least acknowledge that I’m young at heart then.

Anyway, the point that I want to make is that by the time you hit thirty, your body is already starting to age. If you’ve never done a stitch of exercise in your life and you’ve been gorging yourself on junk in the last ten years, you may have already started to age prematurely. Two sure signs of premature ageing is the thinning of hair on your top and the bulging tank tire around your waist. A healthy guy will still age but not as quickly as the average junky Joe. Even so, as you approach forty, you need to keep watching what you eat and check the intensity of your workouts.

It’s easy to get carried away and before you know it, an arrested development. Cardiac arrest is not for the faint of heart. Long distance runners feel it the most. Most competitive long distance runners or marathoners tend to peak on their personal best times around their late thirties to early forties (on average). And then as they approach the fifty milestone, they begin to see their times taking a dip. But you can prolong your peak by never overtraining and always watching your diet. The smart concept is to ‘under-train’.

My life’s balance certainly helps

I guess it’s something of a historic legacy. It’s great that I’ve managed to keep my body in good nick so far. I’ve had the head start that most guys my age never had. Maybe I’m even ahead of many of you guys, but that’s no sweat. Give it time and soon you will be there too.

So, I am not about to claim any bragging rights here. Being an alpha male, true to yourself, in heart, mind, body and soul, means never having to show off. You are always self-assured, and sometimes it’s quite alright to tell the next guy just how well you’re doing in life. You’re not showing off. You’re helping the next guy tremendously; giving him a huge boost in showing him that he too can make positive changes to his life.

Don’t lose heart now if you think you’re struggling to make those adjustments. Be patient with yourself because physical and mental transformations never come about overnight. While I’ve certainly had a few downs during the positive cycle of my life (it does happen, so bear that in mind too), now might be a good time to share with you some practical thoughts on why I’ve had success with the bodybuilding cutting diet. First of all, my training regimes are adjusted seasonally. During spring and summer months I prefer to spend more time out on the roads and lower mountain trails in my area. During the winter months, instead of going into complete hibernation, I spend more time in the gym, keeping my muscles warm, supple and focused for competitive pursuits as and when they arrive.

I also remember to stretch regularly. This also helps to keep your body injury free. As exercise routines change, so too must your eating plans. If you’re focused on more strength training, you’ll be allocating more protein content in your meals. If, like me, you are taking part in endurance events (which don’t always require intensity) then you’ll be looking to add more carbohydrates to your diet.

Timing is everything

Workouts, whether it’s going to be weight training, circuit training or running, always needs to be timed. If you’re doing a series of circuits focused on weight lifting and subsequent muscle strengthening, don’t panic when you haven’t reach your quota of ten or twelve lifts by the time your time is up. It’s your body’s healthy way of telling you that it’s had enough for one session. Now, watching the clock is not so easy when you’re weight training, not like during a run when you have a wristwatch round your arm.

But you can get yourself a stationary watch that you can position in front of you. It will have large numerals which makes it easier for you to check the time.

Carbohydrate focus

Remind yourself to keep the balance right. If you’re going to doing more endurance over the weekend, increase your carbohydrate intake of the previous evening’s meal.

Protein focus

And if you’re muscle bound, make sure protein content covers all your day’s meals. These will include those so-called mini-meals in-between.

I was going to talk about letting yourself go every now and then, but we can squeeze that in in the next post.

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