Horror of all horrors, many guys around the world reading this might be wondering; who on earth is this guy. Not Winston Churchill, but the man about to pen some words explaining to the world why the great English statesman is one of those men who continues to inspire him. And then again, there will be a great deal many more likeminded admirers out there. Some, sad to say, admire the man for all the wrong reasons; that’s my humble opinion. But to get back to the readers who still to this day loathe the old man.

A few notes on colonialism

I loathe colonialism just as much as the next guy. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been on the receiving end of it as well. Today, undoubtedly, we still have it. How to conquer it? Not through hate. Not through war either. Register to vote the next time your country has an election and make your voice heard. Sign up for campaigns but never, ever practice hate speech.

Notes on racism as well

No one feels guiltier than me when such feelings boil over. Sometimes guys who are different from me can irritate the socks off of me. It usually happens when I’m having a bad or frustrating day. In a sense, I’m fighting my own personal demons and there’s no truck to be had with those who are completely different from me. On the other hand, being a true alpha male means never having to kowtow to others. Stay true to yourself and your culture, if you must, but always be the first one to acknowledge that there’s more than enough room in this world for everyone else.

Wise words, indeed

The thing about Churchill that gets me is that while he has made many mistakes, he acknowledged that much, he’s been pretty much spot on where history is concerned. Perhaps I could correlate Churchill’s wise words with that of the great scientist Albert Einstein who on discovering the horrific potential of the atomic bomb, simply remarked that, should it come to that, the fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones. Because after the third World War has come and gone, there won’t be much left over to fight about.

Rallying the troops

Churchill’s most defining legacy will always be his ability to lead a nation, and countless others in adversity and against the worst form of tyranny known to modern man. As it was in history, Adolf Hitler was one of the most vengeful of all dictators, so much so that he was prepared to wipe out an entire nation. That he failed in his chilling deeds is down to Churchill. Churchill’s rallying cry was not only to his people on that little island otherwise known as the United Kingdom, an ironic name for a nation, if ever there was one, but to the entire world.

From left to right, from the Atlantic to the Urals, from the USA to the Soviet Union, no matter how Hitler and his deranged followers affected them, Churchill steadfastly put shoulder to the wheel and continued to rally his ‘troops’ until such time that the evil empire was finally crushed. And yet he was still so modest when V-E Day finally arrived. He remarked on more than one occasion that the defeat of racial oppression could not have been possible if it were not possible for all the people in the world who stood steadfast, always on the brink.

The old saying is that we can learn from our mistakes. Also, history has a nasty habit of repeating itself, particularly when mankind chooses not to learn from its mistakes. But in the event, I happen to believe that it’s a few nasty men in this modern world today that are trying maliciously to make it so hard for the rest of us. Perhaps now you get to see how a few lone wolves like Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama stand head and shoulders above the rest. I hope that someday soon, no matter where in the world he may be, that next man stands up to be counted and rallies the troops once more.

Cementing your place in history

How do you define yourself? How does one cement one’s place in history? I do not have a ready answer to that, but if there is one thing I can say, it is this. Always believe in yourself. Always stick to what you believe in. Yes, it can happen in your life when you have a revelation which says that, perhaps, all this time, you were wrong. And should that ever happen to you, you will be man enough to acknowledge that you were wrong and prepare yourself to make amends. Churchill may have been wrong on certain occasions in history but he’s been down for the count and been right on many other occasions.

One man who could acknowledge readily that he wasn’t always right was Nelson Mandela, former South African president. Now, here was a man who, for a brief moment in history, could turn the tide on racism and make an entire nation acknowledge their own faults and turn the other cheek and shake hands and grip shoulders with those who were inherently different from them.

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